how to prime a sundstrand pump


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how to prime a sundstrand pump

Hi Ran out of 0il, now freance no work. I have primed this thing before frogot how .goa a ft. plastic hose connected to side .forgot what screw to turn..Got oil to pump & it runs.
Worked before ran out of oil....
It weekend & repairman goin..
Thanks Al..
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Where that hose sliped on there . Get all set to open that plug ccw when you reset the burner. As soon as you have a good flow of oil shut it off cw. If burner goes off on reset close it right then.Go and hit the reset button again and open it again. when you have good flow of oil close it and it should burn. ED
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prime pump

Many thanks,,old & forgetable AL
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Prime a pump.

I did one today. the owner had run out of oil from a underground tank,
I connected a tempory pipe to the return (it was a 2 pipe system) into a container .
Pulled the photo cell held it my hand blanking off the light and kicked the reset, as soon as the burner motor started up I allowed the light to shine on the cell so the motor kept going, It took all of a couple minutes for oil to come though and as I temporary blanked the light of she fired up. left it going for minute then shut her down to reconnect the return pipe,
Took a couple more minutes for the excess oil which had been sprayed into the chamber before she lit to burn down.
It was an old burner without a solenoid on the nozzle line however you still can do the same on one of those by putting a power sensor on the lead to the solenoid and as soon as that powers up ie solenoid opens Allow the light on to the cell at that stage.
If it too dark for the cell to see ordinary a torch does instead.

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