shall I convert to gas?


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shall I convert to gas?

Can anyone give me an opinion on what heating system is better: gas or oil? I have recently bought a house which has an oil tank and very old furnace. I need to get either a new furnace or convert the system to gas. My major concern is cost/energy effectiveness. 2 contractors so far have suggested oil and a specific furnace: Weil McClaine, which they claim is very efficient. I'm not sure what to do, I've always thought gas is cheaper. Thank you for help. Magda.
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The decision should be based on the cost of oil and gas in your area past, present, and future. I prefer oil but I do not prefer Weil McLain. Their boilers are no more efficient than any other cast iron hot start boiler on the market. Check out the features that can make a difference in a hydronic system. One system that I prefer has several energy saving features and you can check the link at This system is available in gas or oil and will give you more hot water for the faucets than you will find with a domestic coil in any boiler and the boiler only runs when it needs to. It doesn't stay hot 24/7 in case you may want to wash yor hands in the middle of the night. It holds the domestic water hot in an insulated tank (indirect heater) and then the boiler can shut off until the tank needs more hot water. Check out all your options and make an informed decision. The cost of conversion is rarely recovered like the gas company promises.

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Originally Posted by KField
The cost of conversion is rarely recovered like the gas company promises.

I can attest to that! I have felt so cheated by the gas company. If I can add anything is to do your homework! Don't just trust what is told to you
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To Convert from Oil to Gas, or not?

1.) If you do not have natural gas piped to your home, propane would probably cost more than either natural gas or oil.
2.) All fuel prices fluctuate and any one might be the best choice, depending on when you checked the prices, but may change in a week, month or year.
3.) Gas is "cleaner", does not need a supply tank and will not run out like oil delivered late.
4.) If you convert to gas, you need to allow for the cost of removing the oil tank and pipes and cleaning the area. You don't need to allow for removing the old furnace, because you have already decided it needs replacement. If you have an underground oil tank, the area environmentalists will insist that you dig it up and dispose of it in an environmemtally safe manner(if they know about it). I would quietly pump out the oil and replace it with water and liquid laundry detergent to emulsify the remaining oil for when the tank develops a leak. Calculate how many washerloads of water will fit in the tank and add the equivalent amount of detergent plus an extra bottle for good luck, then fill it with water.

I am replacing my 1967 gas boiler with a new one because my wife was constantly bugging me that it would fail and be uneconomically repairable during the heating season. She has already chosen new projects to bug me with.
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