I hear a high pitched whisteling in my one pipe hot water heating system?

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I hear a high pitched whisteling in my one pipe hot water heating system?

I'm hearing a very high pitched whisteling sound coming from my one pipe heating system in my basement and it's driving me nuts.

Could it be a partial plugging of one of the venturi "t's" or is it some thing else?

It has only been there for the last few days and was not heard before that since the installation a month ago.

It almost sounds the same a the high pitched scream you can sometimes hear from an incandescent bulb filament vibrating, but, it's definately in the heating system and it is not steam because the boiler shuts off at 190 degrees F.

Any ideas, anyone please?


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Duhhhhhhh, I figured out what the noise was.

My wife had stacked some boxes up high near the heating pipes. What happened is that there was a smoke alarm in the top box. The battery had gone weak and the alarm was signalling that the battery needed replacing by emitting a constant high pitched squeal that I did not recognize because it was inside a plastic box.

Pulled it out, removed battery from alarm, problem solved.

I was almost ready to cut the copper pipes open to look for a restriction at one of the venturi T's.

There is a God, thank You.

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You have had a lot of posts for a new system. I was starting to think you really need to have a "heart-to-heart" with the contractor that installed your system, with so many problems.

Glad this was an easy fix.
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Actually, it wasn't that I had so many problems. It was that I needed a lot of information because this was the first time that I had installed a boiler.

The boiler and heating system has been doing its job very well since the installation, although everything can be improved upon as you build experience with it.

Thanks Rick.


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