Radiant Heat and remodeling

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Radiant Heat and remodeling

I have just purchased a house that was built in '88 and plan to do some remodeling to it. I am planning to add one bathroom and move another one. However, I know there is radiant heat throughout the house. It is in concrete so I can't find exactly where the hoses (I think they are PREX) are. Looking at pictures of construction of the house (the owner gave them to me before moving back to Hungary), the hoses look to be about 6" apart.

For the toilet and all of the drains, how do I put holes in the floor without damaging the system? Or, is there another way of setting up my bathrooms? Should I just chip away the concrete very CAREFULLY?

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If the original installer was at all conscientious then the tubes would have been kept at least 12” away from any drain, clean out, etc…

You can try letting the system cool down as low as possible without letting it freeze then apply heat to the slab – using an infrared thermometer it may be possible to roughly locate the tubes…ie the warmer spots. If you know anyone who has thermography equipment this would help!

If not it’s a crap shoot – the tubes could be anywhere and within inches of the surface.

Find out what brand and size and obtain some repair couplings – don’t try mixing and matching – work with the original equipment. If the system was installed in 1988, its possible that the tube diameter is metric – imperial couplings and metric pipe don’t play well together. Its also possible you have not PEX but Poly B – if so – your out of luck and may have bigger issues…do a search on class action law suits and Poly B pipe….its grey in color – PEX from that era would be white or red. You also said "hose"...if in fact it is hose...it could be black or red....both products unavailble...if its red and called Entran II - let us know...I'll have more info for you.

Relieve the pressure off the system before you begin…

Wear goggles, gloves and a jock strap when you use the jack hammer.

Have fun.

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