Trying to save money on oil

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Trying to save money on oil

I been living in this 60 year old house for 3 years now, it's 1800 sq ft. I think.

At the time the whole house needed to be up-dated and the first year here without doing any work to it, I used a crazy amount of oil, like 1668 gallons.
After seeing that I knew something had to done and fast. Being it has a A-frame roof , I went to see what the insulation looked like. I was kinda surprised to find that it did have wool insulation which at one point it got moist and heavy and all came down and settled in the dormer or crawl space. Meaning there was not on peice of insulation on the whole roof. That year I redid the whole upper floor, with new insulation. I ripped out the old fiber board walls and put up dry-wall. Doing this the year after I oil went down to 1200 gallons that second winter.
The next summer I replaced the old drafty basement windows with glass blocks, not only is it safer now it is very pleasant in the basement as far as the temp. goes.
All the windows in the house were replaced before I bought the house, they probable are not the best windows but they are new. As I go on with remodeling the house I will be insulating all the walls. As of after doing the 5 basement windows, my estimate oil useage this year will be 1000 gallons, still room for improvemnet.

My next thing on my to do's list is to move my termostat, right now it's right beside the back door, which is opened a million times a day to let the dogs in and out of the yard. Where is a good spot to put the termostat?

My next question is, as far as the basement goes I have water radiator heat. The whole basement is out-lined with what looks like 2 1/2 inch iron water pipes that run to the radiator upstairs. It's not cold down there but it's also not warm, I kinda like it the way it is. But is it smart to insulate the pipes, will I save money by doing this? and if so will the basement become cold if I do this? Also if I was to insualate the pipes, I see stores sell 2 types of insulation, that black foam or the wool type with the foil on it. What is the best type to use?

Any other suggestions would be great, my last resort is to replace the whole oil burner with a new one, but at the time I don't have the money for that.
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The best place for the thermostat is on an interior wall away from a heat emitter & out of direct sun. Insulating the pipes will make the basement cooler. Check the temperature rating on the foam insulation. Some is not made for heating pipes.
If you really want to save on oil: Replace the boiler. Many modern oil fired boilers are in excess of 85% efficient. I have seen fuel consumption cut by 50% and more. At $2.00/gallon, it does not take long to recover your investment. Where else can you get that type of return on investment?

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