Hot Water Heat...always on ?

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Hot Water Heat...always on ?

My daughter has a garden(basement) condo.
It is a 4 building apartment conversion. Built in the 20's.

Basement condos have covered overhead pipes that deliver the hot water heat to units in the buildings ABOVE the basement.

All the basement condos are on a single, seperate boiler.

The heat is alwys on. It is magnified by hot water going through the overhead pipes(which there is nothing that could be done about that.) She has a B&G 100 circulator (manufacture date=1994) in the unit

It would seem that the thermostat in my daughters condo could be set at the lowest setting(i.e off) and she would be able to be heated comfortabley by the overheads.

Now to the problem....her own heat is never off. The maintenance guy's explanation is, that the basements all draw off the same line and even if the heat is off in my daughters condo, there is still hot water flow in\through her condo, to feed the basement condos farther down the line from her.

My daughter is buying this explanation...but the heat is unbearable in her condo (80+ degrees)..and what's the point of each unit having a thermostat that can't control anything ?

That explanation doesn't makes sense...but is it possible ?

It would seem to me, that each condo should have it's own flow control\be considered a zone, and heat should be turned on\off as needed.

Is she stuck with this ?

Any thoughts\suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank You
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I would say you have to check it out and find out just what she has there and can control. Hate to say it but in set ups like you say here. I have went around and put tstats in each unit on the wall and not tied to anything to control the heat. Most of the time they think they have control of it but they dont but are happy this way. So find out just what she has, Also see about insulation on the hot pipes there.

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Thanx Ed. The overheads are insulated.

I have a suspicion you are right re: bogus control.
Though at one time the individual units must have had control, hence why a newer B&G circulator ?

And you are right, without actually looking at the setup, everything I throw out there is a WAG.

thanks again
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Tell the jerk offs that run the bldg that it is unacceptable. You can install manual thermostatic control valves for her area. The main piping runs in her apartment need to be insulated as well. They are blowing her off, they do that to kids, especially girls. Tell em to get out their wallets and fix it or you will call the health dept........they hate that.
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thanx....the overheads are insulated real well.
You are right, it's unacceptable and I need my daughter to continue to squawk.

What I really need to do is get in there with my plumber friend and look at it.

thanx again

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