**Boiler Bleeding Issue


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**Boiler Bleeding Issue

I have an old boiler (late 50's early 60's model) that heats my hot water baseboard. I have not found any bleeder valves at the baseboards themselves--all of the bleeder valves seem to be at the 90 degree bends below the floor (basement) they seem to be at every 90 that turns upward to feed the baseboard. Should I bleed it from these...? I would think the air would want to rise, therefore I would just get water. When the pump kicks on, it sounds like a small stream running through the baseboards...Can you help out? Thanks.
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The bleeders you see may have been for draining the system. They will not help you if they are not at the top of the system. You may have to pughe the system. That means to look for a shutoff valve and a drain valve near the boiler on the return line. You would have to close the shutoff valve and put a hose on the drain valve above it and push water through the system and out the drain. It may require you to locate the water feeder and override it for a short time. See if you can find the valves and we can go from there.


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