Electric fan radiator

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Electric fan radiator

I am looking for a hot water coil with electric fan and its own thermostat. At my work we have an old one in a bathroom. It has a hot water feed and return and has an electric fan that blows over the coils. The label sees to be long gone. What is the proper name for this device and where could I get one. I would like to put one in my basement on its own zone. Thanks
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Electric Fan Radiator


These units are known as hydronic "fan/coil units" & are usually designed for a closed-in hard-to-heat space, such as a bathroom; there are also similar smaller units known as "kickspace heaters" that fit under a bathroom or kitchen cabinet; in both cases, the electric fan enables the unit to provide quick heat so you don't freeze when taking a shower, etc.; there are also hydronic PTAC'S (packaged terminal air conditioners) that both heat & cool a room,but can end up burning a lot of electricity.

You can consult the websites below that describe the units & list some manufacturers; you can also Google "PTAC" if you want both a heating & cooling option, but I wonder if these units will be suitable for the application you have in mind; it is usually more economical & easier to extend your hot water heating system via a new zone into the basement by doing a "heat loss calculation" (website: heatload.com) & installing baseboard around the room, providing your boiler has the extra capacity in btu's to take on the added load (most times it does).

To get a "rule of thumb" estimate of how many btu's/hour you'll need to heat the room, multiply the length X width (assuming 8' ceilings), then multiply the result by 45; each foot of baseboard will put out about 500-600 btu/hour, you can thus calculate how many feet of baseboard you'll need.

Consult the Yellow Pages under "heating equipment" to find heating suppliers in your area that carry the fan/coil units & PTAC's; they can give you brochures & specs on the units.

You can also Google "fan/coil units" hydronic to get such mfgs as Burnham, Myson,Beacon-Morris, Dunham-Bush, & Airtherm; on the Burnham site, scroll down & click on "products", then "air convectors"/"duo-rad".


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