Installing Runtal Omni Panels And Resizing Present Pipes

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Installing Runtal Omni Panels And Resizing Present Pipes

Hi guys;
I am embarking on a journey into aggravation land! A service bathroom renovation, and will be replacing the radiator to conform to the wishes of the other half. Right now I have a 8 section hot water cast iron radiator that appears to be fed by a 1"O.D. iron pipe. We (I) will be replacing it with a Runtal hydronic Omni-panel that is serviced by a 1/2" line.
Here is my real area of consideration. This house was built in 1927, and somewhere along the line this bathroom was added. It seems to be a real brain twister how they did this ( like some of the other configurations I have found over the years!) because some of the feed line looks like 1/2' iron leaving the main feed then becomes 3/4", then I measured the 1" coming up through the floor! This pipe is accessible through its' whole route through a crawl space and has the pipes running uninsulated through a 2 foot stone wall. would it be better to trace to the original split from the feed and totally repipe 1/2 copper "M" from there, or just reduce at the floor riser ? It seems to me that the natural stone is going to absorb a lot of the heat going and coming.
Also, when I went to my plumbing supply, where I bought the Omnipanel, and they gave me a reducer that looked like black pipe. My mind has had a slight malfunction here, is that okay, is it only the galvanized that needs the bronze connector to copper?

Thanks for any replies! BTW, any suggestions accepted that will make this go faster ( except hire someone! That comes with the other rooms!!! )
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I moved this thread to see if anyone with expertise in this area can help you better with this.
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Piping changes

A hot water heating system is a closed system and does not require different metals to be isolated from each other to prevent corrosion, unlike your potable water that is an open system. So black iron is fine.

It's difficult to tell from here what type of piping system you have. Do both the supply and return pipes to the bathroom radiator attach to the main piping? Do they both come off of one main? Or do they connect to other radiators before attaching to the mains.

Replacing the piping with the reduced 1/2" copper would be better but it depends on which piping system you have.

Hope this helps,


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