Oil Burner-Smoke? Steam?

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Question Oil Burner-Smoke? Steam?

Please forgive any technical mistakes I make. Thank You in advance for any help you may give.
I had to replace Pressure Relief Valve on my boiler/oil burner.When taking off old one, even though I drained everything, water got down into where the flame is, not much but apparently enough to cause a problem. After putting new valve on, we(my daughters & I )turned the furnace back on and no leaks,
sounded fine, but, smoke (like steam) came out of the openings. We shut it off because we're not sure if this is steam(although 90% sure), and if it is; will keeping the furnace on dry out the water or will it be damaged ? I'can't afford to have someone come to the house. My daughters and I have learned how to do just about all home repairs on our own, but I really don't think we want to blow today and need advice. Keep furnace on- and let it dry, or keep off and let air dry. We're starting to stink,and would love to shower,but I don't know what to do. Please Help 3 damsels in distress.
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I doubt if you did any harm at all to the boiler. The steam can make the burner act strange for a few minutes but it should settle down quickly. The combustion chamber inside may have absorbed some water and it will steam out as the burner heats everything up but it isn't going to explode. We have restarted burners that were completely submerged in a flood and except for the electrical parts damaged by the water, there is never any lasting damage. Hope this helps you. I see that you posted your question 24 hours ago and hope you don't all have clothes pins on your noses by now.

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Unhappy Thank You, But...

Thank You for your reply. We dried out the boiler and it worked fine until I came home from work today and found we had no hot water. Primed the furnace and it started right up, thought everything was great, went back down about 10 minutes later and smoke(not steam) was coming from the boiler(furnace), shut off furnace and left, smell was bad, when it cleared, went back and couldn't tell what happened. about 1/2 - 45 minutes later went to check on it and found a puddle of oil at the back of furnace and can't tell where it came from. Unfortunately I am at a total loss and I guess have no choice but to call someone in to look at. I hope & pray this won't be expensive. At least we all got to shower and its not cold outside. Life could be worse, we could have blown to smithereens and couldn't be put back together again. Thank you again for your help.

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