Problems with boiler pilot light

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Problems with boiler pilot light

I arrived home this evening to find no heat. Upon checking the boiler, I realized the pilot light was out. It had been windy today, but it was much windier earlier this week, so I'm not sure the wind was the cause.

Some five years ago the wind definitely blew the pilot out. At that time, I was unable to relight it, and had to call a technician. He showed me the steps, checked the circuitry, and pronuounced all well.

Unfortunately, today I could not get the pilot to light, despite following those steps.

Most of the steps are listed on a small starter regulator. It is attached to the main gas feed, and has a small line to the pilot. The device is a Bryant Model 952 Starter. The following steps are listed "to start unit" :

1) Close the main valve. Wait five minutes.

2) Open pilot valve.

3) Push button and hold until green light appears <the green light is on top of the regulator>

4) Open main valve.

Those are the listed steps. My notes say that, after those steps, I strike a match and reach down at the pilot itself and light it.

Today, I followed the steps, but the green light never lit. (Note that when I opened the pilot valve in step two, I immediately heard the gas). After a few attempts (each time waiting at least five minutes), I eventually just lit the pilot after waiting a few minutes for the green light to illuminate. The pilot lit and stayed lit, and, when I enabled the thermostat circuit, the boiler came on.

This leaves me with a few questions:

a) How is the starter supposed to work? Is it supposed to automatically light the pilot after the four step sequence, or are my notes correct -- that you light it yourself at the appropriate time?

b) Is it advisable to get the system (and starter regulator) inspected immediately, or can this be checked over during our normal inspection (still a month off)?

c) How long should it take for the green light to illuminate? How would one know if it is no longer functional? (What, exactly, is the function of the starter?)

Thanks to all for your help.
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Green light & pilot

Sorry, I am not at all familiar with a system such as yours. Maybe if you also post your questions on the Gas & Oil Furnaces forum one of the other guys will be able to help.
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Thanks, Grady. I appreciate your response. I'll give the other forum a try.

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