Minor joint leaks - additive? JB Weld?


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Minor joint leaks - additive? JB Weld?

I have some very minor leaks (slow drips) at some joints in my hot water system. They can't easily be tightened properly. Having scoured the forum, the only mention of stop leak additives (I'm only aware of Boiler Liquid) seem to be not to use them. The product info seems to indicate it can also be used for joint leaks. Does it not work?

There seem to be plenty of mentions of JB Weld as a quick fix. Would this be the first thing to try in this case? Does this just get applied externally? I assume the system has to be drained and the joint clean and dry.
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A quick temporary fix in an emergency ? yeah, I'd try it if I _HAD_ too, and I thought it might work. Permanently ? no, not a chance.

What kind of joints are leaking ? Have they been leaking for a long time ? or did you have work on the system and the leaks just sprang up ?

I'd recommend having a plumber take a look if you don't feel confident to fix yerself.
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Thank you for your reply. The leaks are -- admittedly -- a result of my adding a radiator. Either not enough pipe dope or torque, or both. Just a couple spots, at an elbow and a tee. Had already redone, but it involves a tricky sweat connection to get back to the problem area, and I'm trying to avoid that (at least this season).

Plumbing Epoxy Putty was recommended to me, and I'll be trying that today. Will post the results when I have them.
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Best thread sealant

When I get a joint that just won't seal I use Indian head gasket cement found at auto parts stores. Its a bit messy though. Its a shelac base. It seems to work when others don't. I am assuming your rethreading in a pipe joint. I used JB Weld in the past and had excellent results as well, but that won't come apart. Some guys use rectorseal#5 but I prefer Grip by Hercules to do threded joints. Its similar to Indian Head gasket cement. Like a black tar.
Good luck.

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