Hydronic heating problem using Buderus boiler


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Hydronic heating problem using Buderus boiler

I have a Buderus GK 224E boiler running my hydronic heating system and culinary hot water. It has run consistently for 13 years with no problems. Recently I began to have an issue is which the boiler will intermittantly not ignite and stops heating. My system consists of the boiler, a temp. control unt (Independent Energy Goldline SP34) and 1 Grundfos UP15-42F circulation pump. When the problem occurs the ignighter on the boiler will work (I have taken it apart and cleaned it as well) but the gas does not appear to turn on. Sometimes it will work fine, other times it will spark for up to 1 minute and then ignite and other times it will continue to spark and eventually shut off without igniting at all. When the problem does occur I can simply shut off the power to the system, turn it back on and it will begin to work only to have it happen again the same day or couple of days later. It appears to be happening more frequently. On the Buderus boiler are 2 components that I am not that familiar with. One is a Honeywell S8600H pilot control module and the other is a Honeywell L8148E aquastat relay. I am wondering if either of those items might be the cause of the problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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It's probably not the L8148 as that is an aquastat that limits the temp, runs the circulator and supplys control voltage to the ignition module. It could be the ignition module (pilot control module) that's acting up but if you have spark and no ignition my guess would be the gas valve more likely. You need a manometer to diagnose that and you need to know how to use a voltmeter to figure out whether the the ignition module or the gas valve is the source of your problem. My advice would be to call a reputable service company to come out and look at it. Combustion equipment is too dangerous to troubleshoot by the seat of the pants. You need the right tools and the knowledge to use them correctly.
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Most likely the ignition control (S8600) is to blame but before replacing, check all the wiring connections. Especially the ground.

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