Low pressure not circulating water.

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Low pressure not circulating water.

Burhnam Gas Boiler XG2000A. I was getting water dripping out of the 30psi water safety pressure valve each time the gas came on. Turned out to be a water logged pressure tank, which caused the system to overheat. Had a tech come in and install a new tank, $225.00 for the tank. He drained the system, installed the new tank and refilled the system. Now the pressure in the system that pushes the water through the pipes is around 7 to 9 psi. It should be at least 12 psi.

How do I get the pressure up in the system. I put an air guage on the new pressure tank and it reads 12 psi, which is right. The only baseboards that are hot are those just above the boiler and I think that is due to the water getting hot and pushing itself to these baseboards by convection. Those at the middle and far end of the house are warm to cold. I have bled and bled and believe the problem is the low pressure. Thanks for your help.

Last evening after reading on this forum about how to fix low boiler pressure problems from you wonderful people, I went down to my boiler to see if I could locate the bell shaped water reducing valve to let some water into my system, which is supposed to increase the pressure. There was no bell shaped valve. It had been removed with the damaged expansion tank and the new Amsco expansion tank had a non adjusting water reducing valve. I put a call into the technician and told him about the continuing low pressure and he called Burnham and they told him he had installed the wrong reducing valve.
He will be here later today with the correct valve and we will see if this gets the boiler pressure back up to 12 to 15psi. It's 16 degrees here this morning and the rooms just above the boiler are toasty, but it's a little chilly back in the middle to far end of the house as the water isn't being pushed this far with only 8 to 9psi in the boiler. Hope someone can learn from this one and thanks for the super moderators on the forum. You know your boilers and you sure helped me. Thanks so much.

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Low Pressure

I suggest you call the service company back if the tank replacement was done very recently. If it has been more than a week or two, post some pictures of the boiler & nearby piping to make expalining how to increase the pressure much easier. We cannot post pictures directly on this site but you can post them on photobucket or similar photo hosting site & provide us with a link.

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