Hot Water Pouring from Overflow Valve of Combo Bolier

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Hot Water Pouring from Overflow Valve of Combo Bolier

First up, I am a complete arse when it comes to anything manual, so if I'm fortunate enough to receive any replies please do so using words a five year old might understand. I can demonstrate this by the title of my thread - the only words I'm sure are accurate are "Hot Water Pouring from", the others are just undeucated guesses....

Anyway, I bled my radiators today, at least I did as best I could. One in particular (which I think is the last in the chain) has never really heated up since I moved in a couple of years ago, so I opened the valve on that to remove all of the air.

I suspect that this seemingly easy act, even for a complete moron, is straightforward enough. However, a few hours later I noticed that the heating suddenly stopped working, plus no hot water was being produced.

I went up to the boiler (which is used for central heating and hot water - which makes it a combi, right?) and found that some water was leaking. I turned the thing off at the mains (at least I got that bit right), had a quick poke around, tightened a couple of bolts and the water stopped dripping pretty much. Switched it back on and all seemed well with the world. I was planning on calling a in real man in a couple of days to take a look at it.

Until I heard falling water outside. It was only coming from one place, so assuming it wasn't a surprise micro-climate I looked outside to see I now had an outdoor, warm shower. Which wouldn't be too bad except it's in the front of the house so everyone can see and also because it has no on or off switch (or "faucets" or "taps" as I believe you specialists call them).

Anyway, this has been going on for a couple of hours. Although it does stop if I turn any of the hot water taps, Which I have done. Constantly. For nearly two hours.

Just found this forum and hoping someone can tell me what I've done? And more importantly, how I can fix it?

Two other things which may help diagnosis:
1. The valve which lets water into the boiler *appeared* to be turned off when I checked. So I turned it and it like it was letting lots of water in. But I'm fairly certain this wasn't the case - else I wouldn't have been having any hot water all this time, right?
2. I also played around with a red tap / valve which had something like "3 bar" written on it.

So, in simple words:
1. What have I done?
2. How can I fix it so I don't have to leave a hot water tap running permanently?

Naturally, all of this has happened on the coldest day here since last winter.
Thanks in advance,
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Some pictures could be a big help. You can post them on photobucket or similar site & provide a link here.

There are no valves between the boiler & the shower?
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Red face

Thanks Grady, appreciate your interest! However, I think I worked out what the problem *was* - yes, that's right, I think I fixed it.

My understanding is that there are 2 separate feeds into the boiler, one to make hot water and another to fill up the central heating system (see, absolutely clueless). Well, the valve / tap / stopcock which I spotted as being off and so turned on turns out to be the one which fills the central heating system. Of course, me turning that on and leaving it on meant that I was just heating a continuous flow of water from the mains supply, which had nowhere to go as the central heating system was full and hence was pouring out through the overflow.

Of course, this doesn't explain why the bloody thing had shut off in the first place, but it's all working for now. I'll get someone in in a few days when I have some more time.

Thanks again Grady!

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