Being charged for boiler fix?

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Being charged for boiler fix?

Hi! I am a tenant in a 5 bedroom house, living with 4 of my friends. We 'supposedly' have free callout for any problems we get, but a few weeks ago our boiler stopped working.

The hot water was flicking on and off, and it was practically impossible to get a shower - the heating for the whole house was pretty screwed too.

So, we asked for some help. They sent a guy round, and fixed it (after 3 visits) because he had to order a new part or something.

Now, 2 weeks later, we are being charged - fair enough, however, we're being charged 40, and seeing as it's not our house, and it's supposed to be free, I'm not sure we should pay. The reasoning for it is:

"Tenants had over-pressurised the boiler causing it to lock out".

Is this really a valid reason? The only thing we can change on the boiler is when it switches on and off. If we put it on too much, does that over pressurize it or something?

So, should we complain, or just pay the money?
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Did you sign a contract to lease the property? Does it state anything in regard to repairs and who is responsible. Renters or lessees should not be responsible for repairs to equipment failure. There should be landlord/tenant laws where you live. 40 pounds is only $79.29 US dollars. Not much for many, but here in the US, landlords are responsible for repairs to heat, plumbing, etc. Typically, your landlord is responsible for keeping your unit in a habitable, or livable, condition, and this includes electrical, heating, and plumbing and keeping them operating safely. Complain. After all, 40 pounds is 40 pounds!

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