Think I need to install an air purge???


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Think I need to install an air purge???

Ok, a month or so ago, I replaced my old steel expansion tank with a bladder tank because the steel tank was forever waterlogged. I just cut out the steel tank, and installed the bladder tank in it's place.

After reading some more posts about expansion tank replacement on this site, i'm wondering if I'm supposed to install an auto air purge on the system. Right now, the pipe that comes out of the top of the boiler just goes up to a shut off, then to an elbo to the expansion tank.

should I replace that 90 with a tee and put the air purge on top? When I went to the plumbing supply store to get an air purge, the rep was asking me about an air scoop and other things that I don't think I have. Any advice you can give me is great. Lately, i've been bleeding air at the shut off before the expansion tank. It has one of the little bleed caps on the valve. I have even heat on all my rads, no air lock or anything. Just the little bit of air that bubbles out of the water.
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That's what I did, I replaced a 90 with a tee and ran it vertical with a 6" nipple and then put an autovent on top.
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Perfect, that what I thought. thanx again Who.
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If you haven't got air problems now, that will probably work. It isn't the _right_ way, because it might only catch the air that happens to be near the pipe to the tank when the system stops circulating. An air bubble whizzing past a tee fitting leading to your tank isn't going to slow down long enough to say "Oh look, there's a turn I can take! Whoa horsey... I say WHOA! "

Nope, instead, it's gonna keep whizzing right along past that little turn off...

But like I said, if you haven't got air now, you will probly be OK. Just a little caution for future readers so they know how not to do it.
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