Burnham V8 price range?

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Question Burnham V8 price range?

can anyone give me an idea of what a burnham v8 series boiler would cost? I also need this to heat domestic water and was looking for an indirect hot water tank b/c i heard it was more efficient than the domestic hot-water coil/tankess combo. do i have my facts straight on that and what could i expect to pay?

i got what seems like a very high estimate from my fuel oil service company for a new boiler set up, esp since it seems like the indirect tank should run no more than 1,000 and a burner only a couple hunderd. i wonder if the boiler could be as expensive as the estimate they gave.
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There's so many variables that it's difficult for us to really give any meaningful insight.

Dependent factors are where you are located (some areas are just higher priced than others), where the boiler is located (how much work to get the old one out and the new one in), how much of the existing piping needs to be adapted to the new boiler, if the existing chimney is acceptable for use with the new boiler (many jurisdictions now require a masonry chimney be 'lined'), etc ...

Around here in the NE, prices close to 10K are not uncommon for a new install with an indirect.

What was the quote ? what did it include ?

How long do you plan to stay in the home ? If only for a few years, the extra expense of the indirect might not 'pay for itself'.

Take a look at your electric rates, if you are in one of the areas that electric is cheap, you might consider that as a much less expensive alternative.

Anything is better than a tankless coil in the boiler though...
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I assume you want a boiler replacement by your post but you stated a few hundred for the burner. They cannot buy the burner for a couple hundred, nor the tank for $1000.00. Besides buying the burner and tank there is many more parts such as piping and fittings, circulator, maybe control(s) and labor. The boiler is another subject. I normally do not like talking price but when you are so far off I feel I must at least send you down the right road. In 1996 (8 years ago) I was getting $5K. Copper and other parts went up 2-3 fold since then. The cost of metal, copper and manufacturing went up.

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