Radiator Not heating evenly

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Radiator Not heating evenly

One of the radiators in our house is not heating evenly. I have creating a little graphic to depict the problem. Basically, if you draw a line from one corner to the other diagonally, the top is hot and bottom is cold.

If it was only mildly hot, i would agree that there is not enough pressure due to an unbalanced system. However, the top part is piping hot such that you cannot even touch it.

is it possible that the radiator has a clog at the bottom which is forcing all the heat up the first 2 fins and that is why the radiator is heating unevenly?

Any suggestions are helpful. please see my graphic.


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First off,

Try taking the steam vent off the radiator and fire up the heat. If the problem continues then I would say you have a plugged radiator. If the radiator is completely hot, then replace or adjust the steam valve.

I am not sure if you can clean our a radiator but, if you do try, do NOT use any oil products because if they return back to the boiler they will cause surging and then you will have more problems to deal with.
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I would guess that the hot water is entering the radiator at the bottom and leaving by the top?
Whereas, the best way to run a radiator, and gain an extra 15% output is to feed from the top, and leave by the opposite side bottom.
Most people feed from the bottom on one side and leave from the bottom on the other side, this looks neater but doesn't give out so much heat so quickly.
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Perry, zbeck has a steam system so your suggestion won't help in this case.

Zbeck, while it is possible that you have "gunk" of some sort in your radiator my first impression is that the radiator is either stone-cold level or tilting very slightly downward on the end away from the steam pipe connection. If I am right then you are developing a waterlogged condition that prevents the steam from fully filling the radiator.

Try a long level on top of the radiator. It should tilt very slightly down towards the steam pipe connection. Use thin shims to jack up the other end if necessary.

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