converting from oil to gas

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converting from oil to gas

I have a steam heat, oil fired boiler. The boiler is a Smith Cast Iron 8 series. It is about 3 years old. Can I switch the burner to a gas fired burner? I already has gas in the house for the oven and hot water. I would hate to get a new furnace since I just got this one. Thanks. John
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You could have a gas power burner put in, but not sure if you are going to save anything????

I'll try to get this moved into the boiler thread to get a better answer.
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I'm looking do to the same exact thing, switch a Series 8 to gas.

If you look on HB Smith's website, you'll find a G8 boiler. This is the same exact unit as the Series8, but with a Carlin gas burner. I confirmed this by calling up HB Smith. I'm currently looking for a contractor who can do the switch. If your in the southeaster MA area, I'd like to know if you find a plumber who can do it.
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I'm in Yonkers, NY. ConEd(our gas supplier) is currently running a special, if you convert from oil to gas. They are offering a free Dunkirk Boiler or $750. I don't know how they arrive at what you get. It doesn't say anything about the burner, so I'm sure that is not included, and this offer does not include installation. The offer has to be submitted by June 30 and installed by Sept 1. Now here are some questions:
Is a Dunkirk boiler better than my Smith 8 series?
Does a Smith series8 boiler converted from oil fired to Carlin EZ gas work as efficiently as a dunkirk boiler?
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Unless the boiler is a Dunkirk Q95M or Q90-100, I'd take the $750 and put it toward a well-sized and installed modulating/condensing boiler from another manufacturer. But even then, there are better options in a high-efficiency boiler than what Dunkirk (ECR Intl) currently offer.

The Q95M is a high-efficiency mod-con, but only modulates between 95-200 mbh input. In most residential applications, that's 3-5 times larger than needed.

The Q90-100 is a fixed-input condensing boiler that is not quite as efficient overall. It does not modulate, but comes in more residentially-appropriate sizes (50, 75 and 100 mbh fixed inputs).

Other brands that are kicked around here include:

Triangle Tube Prestige
Lochinvar Knight
HTProducts Munchkin
Burnham Freedom
Burnham Alpine

Search around this forum for more info.

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