oil burner combustion chamber


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oil burner combustion chamber

I just had my home inspection and inspector found a crack in chamber. from reading other posts it sounds like it can be patched or relined. It is a oil burner no idea of the age house is 50 yrs old and owner passed away 3 yrs ago. is patching a viable alternative to replacing? i have been scouring internet for info and keep coming up short. if replacement is neccesary where can i price and order from. is there a clear cut advantage to the different types (ceramic,steel, cast iron) I am in southern nh
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On older systems it is harder than new systems, but It can be done. If the chamber is just cracked you MAY be able to just line it with a wet pack. I have never done this, But if the old chamber is solid, I don't see why you can't. If not, you will need to replace the chamber and I personally have had the luck to have only done a few, but there a a couple more heating techs on this site that may have a little more experience and info on this problem. A wet pack is just a moist high temperature material that is form fitted to rebuild an combustion chamber. Newer boilers have doors that open in the front so replacement is easy. If you have an old American Standard Arcoliner, You can open it and change the chamber easily if needed.

Let's wait for the other heat techs to pipe in and see what they say.

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Cracked Chamber

Most home inspectors are not well versed in heating equipment. I suggest calling in an oil heat specialist. Often cracks in combustion chambers are absolutely nothing to worry about. Sometimes, they are a serious problem but an oil heat specialist would know very quickly.

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