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2 questions

Ok here they are.
1 After the plumber came over and installed my fuel lines I noticed they are weeping ever so slightly. The is no joint compound on them. I've tried tightening them as much as possible. Should there be some compund on them and if so what kind should I use.

2 I need some glycol protection as I also burn wood. Can you use any propylene glycol in your system. Spefically RV antifreeze. It's freeze protected to about 10 degrees which is all I'll really need I think
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1. If you are talking about the threads of the fittings, yes there should be pipe dope. If you are talking about the flare no there should not be. Leaks in fuel systems are bad for efficiency. If you see weeping it is a real bad leak. There can be leaks in fuel systems which leak no oil but still suck in air. This would be a minor leak.
2. Use boiler antifreeze. It is still propylene glycol but has rust inhibitors etc in it. At least the better stuff will. Be very careful on the mix amount. Do not add more than you should. Bear in mind antifreeze reduces the heat transfer and slows down flow. Both reducung the output from the radiation. The more you add the more the affect. I know many jobs which actually required a larger expansion tank and circulator due to large amounts of antifreeze added to the system.
Calculate the water volume in the system and calsulate how many gallons you need to add. This is best done by a tech with the proper equipment.
If you want to calculate the water content use the charts listed here and add the boiler water content to the total for radiation and piping.
Down the left side of the menu, the last three are water content. Gather the info and do the math.

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