Zone Valve Problem


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Zone Valve Problem

Hello Forum,

I have a hot water heat boiler with 2 Erie VT2343G13A02A0F valves. When I turn the downstairs thermostat up, the boiler and pump do not kick on. When I turn the upstairs thermostat up, the boiler and pump kick on and both valves seem to let hot water out to the two zones. I replaced the downstairs thermostat but still have the same problem. I am thinking the downstairs valve is bad and it seems to let heat through when the upstairs thermostat is turned up even when the downstairs thermostat is turned down. Any thoughts or suggestions would sure be appreciated. Also, if I have to replace the valve, do you have any tips for doing it myself and where can I buy the replacement valve? Also, should I get another Erie valve or what would you recommend?


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Hi Jim, your zone valves have two functions.

1. electric motor opens valve.

2. ENDSWITCH signals boiler to fire when valve reaches open position.

What's happening is that the thermostat is telling the valve to open, and the motor in the valve works fine, and opens the valve.

What's NOT happening is the signal from the ENDSWITCH reaching the boiler to tell it to fire.

First things first... examine the wiring from the valve to the boiler. Make sure there are no loose connections, or broken wires. 99% of troubleshooting is visual.

I believe the powerheads on the Erie valves can be replaced without having to change the valve body, or even drain the water from the system.

Lemmee see if I can find ya more info...

AG13A02A actuator $60

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