future consideration and other thoughts..


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future consideration and other thoughts..

I have a couple of questions:

The house I live in has hot water radiators in it.
The current boiler was manufactured in 1998.
The house was built in 1925.
I've lived here for a little more than 2 years.

From the look of the floor in the basement around where the current boiler is located, it appears as though there was another boiler, or possibly 2 or 3 of them over the last 83 years.

I presume the rads and the pipes are original to the heating system.

How long can I expect these rads and pipes to last typically?

The other question is; We are planning to renovate the kitchen, or at least modify it at some point in the future.
The rad in the kitchen is definitely in the way of where a nice row of base cabinets could be located.

Using the current hot water system, is it possible to remove the rad and replace it with in floor heat?

The basement is unfinished so access to the floor below the kitchen is possible.

Thanks in advance, Terry
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The radiators and piping should last indefinitely.

Yes, you can remove the radiator and replace it with baseboard units or in-floor radiant heat. The system will need to be drained and possibly out of service during the work.
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You need to do a few things before you plan those heating changes...

Know how much heat you are going to need in the room. This means room by room heat loss... but I think you've already done that.

Determine the output of the existing radiation. Was it enough ? Was the room always too cool / to hot ? etc ?

Determine if you can get enough BTUs out of radiant (or baseboards, or replacement radiator) to replace what you are removing.

You may not have enough square footage to replace the existing heat with just radiant. You may need a combination of baseboard and radiant.

When thinking about installing underfloor radiant, remember that possibly the most important thing is to inulate UNDER the radiant. So if you've got lots of wiring and/or piping under that floor, you might not be able to insulate properly...

You will probably also need to control the temp of the radiant loop ... so you will need some controls also ...
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Controls and/or mixing valve (preferably one that responds to heat load -- i.e., outdoor temperature).

There is a thread around here somewhere that links to an article by John Siegenthaler called "a little floor warming please" that is very useful reading as you plan this out.

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