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I appreciate the easy to understand response you gave JDmclemore about air in his baseboard heater and I was wondering if I am having this problem too? As Furd replied a week ago in a previous post, my pressure at the low end is about 10-11 Psi(175F) and when the limit switch kicks off about 190F the pressure is 19Psi. I have a 30 year old boiler and the plumber who replaced my expansion tank a month ago said that in the summer I should replace my feedwater regulator as it is leaking. I am assuming if the pressure in my system drops below 12 Psi that the regulator(if working correctly) will automatically fill the boiler up so it stays in that area rather than me manually adding a bit of water to it. Since water expands when heated, do you think that since I have an 8-9 Psi range from cold(175F to hot(190F) that there is alot of air in my system? Should it maybe move about 4-5 Psi in a normal no air setting? Just before the circulator pump on the inlet side of the boiler I have a little air vent(looks like a brass vitamin bottle) on the the pipe that I believe is closed. Would that provide a solution to this wide range in pressure or is a range in pressure a reality we all experience? am I in a low water condition with the pressure being 10 Psi? Two plumbers said if you stay above 8Psi and you should be fine and I too hear water trickling too in the inlet pipe just before the boiler starts up. 1 Boiler=4 zones.
Any advice???
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Hey skeenabilly!

an 8-9 Psi range from cold(175F to hot(190F))
That's a LOT of pressure change for that small temp change.

175F is NOT cold!

COLD is 70F ...

and 8-9 PSI pressure change from 70F to 190F would be fine. But for a 15 difference? No way Jose...

I'm not convinced that you've got the proper air charge in that new tank... and remember that the air pressure in the tank can NOT be accurately measured if there is ANY pressure on the boiler at all. There's tons of past threads that address how to check the tank pressure correctly. See if you can track any of them down with the search function...

Can you post up some pics on Photobucket and drop a link here for us to see what we're talking about?
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What size is the boiler and what type of radiation do you have? Who is the manufacturer of the tank
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Also, what size tank ?

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