Boiler/baseboard heat and woodstove questions [Merged threads]

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Boiler/baseboard heat and woodstove questions [Merged threads]

Can I use my basement woodstove to heat water to run through my baseboard system? I was thinking of making a coil for my stove, and tying into my current system with a separate circulator/thermostat. I won't mess with the current setup, as I want it to run as it is when I'm not firing the woodstove. Anybody done anything like this?


Boiler: Weil-McLain GV3, propane
Woodstove: Napoleon 1900P
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Steve, sometimes what sounds good in concept is not advisable in practice. I don't recommend it.

"make a coil" ... and do what with it? Certainly not wrap it around the flue pipe... you'll end up cooling the flue gases and creating creosote...

Even if you could find a way to safely transfer some of the heat output to the water in the 'coil', it wouldn't likely be enough heat to do anything useful in the heating system.

No, just don't do it.

Anybody done anything like this?
I'm sure somebody has, and I'm just as sure that it was either dangerous, or it didn't work.

There are wood fired BOILERS that can be connected to your heating system, but these are obviously designed and intended for the purpose.
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Hooking in a woodstove to my existing boiler setup?

I got this old stove from a buddy for nothing, and looking for advice on setting it up. It's designed to hook into a hot water heating system. I currently have a boiler with baseboard radiators in my house, and want to get this stove working in conjunction with my system.

So, what do I need to do to SAFELY get this going? So far, I'm thinking of running it parallel with my house boiler, with check valves and ball valves. And run a separate circulator on an aquastat (set to run between 160-180 degrees). Should I consider a battery backup to the circulator?

I'm hoping this will work out, so I can have good heat in all rooms/floors from my radiators. I also still want my propane system to kick in if it has to, at like 55 degrees or something. The old guy my friend bought his house from said it heated everything well, and it's a bigger house than mine (with a similar boiler setup). He installed it years ago, and I'm going to try and track him down if I have to. My buddy is remodeling his basement, and his wife wanted it gone, so it's not like it didn't work or had problems.

(My boiler is a Weil-McLain Gold GV series 3)

Pic gallery is here, if they don't show up: ImageShack -


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Not real familiar with that, but I think what you probably want is a large (~300-600 gallon) storage tank that you'd heat with that beast, which would then feed the zones with a mixing valve setup of some sort.

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Sorry but you can not install that wood burner and still have house insurance.
The rules are very rigid with wood burning appliances and also certification for boilers.
Regardless of where it was previously installed it must be installed outdoors and away from the house, here I believe it is fifty feet.

Also, it may not be a pressurized system when heated with wood because of the lack of effective safety controls.
There are several wood burning boilers in my area but they have an open water reservoir tank on top and use glycol or an alcohol based antifreeze.

Here is a type of wood burning boiler that is approved in many areas:

Click image:

Image courtesy of

Just contact your insurance company for the final word.
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New, unrelated questions...

Thanks for the help, I'll be shelving this woodstove project. Been doing a lot of research lately, and now have some general questions about my boiler.

It looks like there is no connection for an outside fill, that should be between my expansion tank and boiler. How else would you get water into the system?

My pressure gauge reads 0 psi, maybe just a bad gauge, but how would I test this?

I've only had this house about a year, and didn't have any problems last winter. Just trying to know as much as I can about this. Thanks much.

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