Oh Hum, Oh whine


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Oh Hum, Oh whine

Hello all again,

One thing we've had to do recently is up the temp on the furnace b/c the temp in the house is toooo coold (chattering teeth).

Now when she comes on she burns for a bit, then starts to hum, then starts to whine.

I read elsewhere here, that it might have to do with a dirty system, and we've just changed the expansion tank.

Any ideas?


125k JVS Laars Teledyne
2 zones
3 story house.
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hehehe!! I have that same problem. It started last year before it got cold and when I mentioned it to the service guy when he did a tuneup his comment was - don't worry about it. The problem is a stripped screw on the burner housing which connects to the coupler. No big deal? Then yesterday I had a tuneup and mentioned it the service guy and he said no big deal its the bearings in the burner motor. Its fine though.

I don't know? Its annoying at times but you get used to it, I guess?
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On them Laars units, they are very sensitive to flow ... is there a bypass on the piping? Laars specifies a SYSTEM bypass on their boilers because they want the max flow through the boiler at all times... a system bypass would be a valve on a pipe between the return pipe and the supply pipe on the system side of the circulator...

The 'dirty system' would probably actually be a buildup of minerals from the water on the heat exchanger tubes...

Is there such a valve on your boiler piping? If so, is it closed?

If it's closed, open it a bit ... see what happens.

Any pics you could post?

On the other hand, where does it seem like the noise is coming from? Somewhere other than the innards of the boiler? A pump? the gas valve? can you localize it at all?

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