recharging or purging a hot water baseboard heating system


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recharging or purging a hot water baseboard heating system

We have an approximately 20 year old burnham gas boiler hot water baseboard heating system. The radiators on the first floor work fine but we are not getting any heat upstairs. Has anyone ever recharged or purged their system. What "glycol" or other additive is used. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.:
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Ideally, there should be a bleeder valve on each radiator for bleeding air. That is probably your problem.

There is no need for routinely "recharging" the system, except by the automatic feed valve which maintains minimum system pressure by making up water from the city water supply. No need for routinely draining the system and replacing the water.

Glycol isn't normally needed except in unattended/unoccupied houses subject to freezing. Just plain water - no additives - is normal.

In my opinion, a 20-year-old hot-water boiler is a "baby." Mine is nearly 60 years old.
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First check the pressure gauge on the boiler. To get the water to the second floor the pressure needs to be at least 12 psi. If the boiler is hot (160* + ) the pressure should be a little higher, say 18 - 19 psi.


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