Optimum Boiler Temperature

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Optimum Boiler Temperature

I am still new at this boiler thing, I grew up with forced air and did not realize the joys of hot water heat until last year.

Ok, now on to the question. Is there an optimum boiler temp? I know the colder it is, you have to crank it to keep up, and in the spring turn it down to not overheat, but when the temps are in the 20's and 30's, is there an optimum temp of does it differ for each setup?

Thanks again for all the help.
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No magic answer there.

Every system, climate, temp desired are different.

As you know the colder out the hotter he water required to hit the desired setpoint in the house.

Many systems are designed at 180 degrees and the lowest outdoor temop expected to be reached.

For instance- a home with standard baseboard may have a 70 degree design temp @ 180 degree boiler water.

0 outside with 180 degree water equals 70 degrees maximum indoor space temp that could be achieved.
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Technology to the rescue.

How about adding an outdoor reset controller? Adjusts the supply temperature automagically according to changes in the outdoor temperature. Check out below, and/or rummage around this forum using search terms like "outdoor reset" and "ODR."

Some reading:

A simple one: http://www.taco-hvac.com/uploads/Fil...2(102-097).pdf

A more complex, full-featured one that also controls an indirect water heater: http://tekmarcontrols.com/literature/acrobat/d260.pdf

Some basic and more advanced reading on the whole subject of adjusting water temperatures to match the heating load:




(If the figures and text of the Taco and the tekmar stuff look similar/same, it's because tekmar makes the electronic/logic guts of most or all of Taco's ODR controls. As well as a number of other major manufacturers.)

Some utilities currently offer rebates for installing boiler reset controls (NationalGrid in the NE U.S., for example). I think they might also be eligible for energy efficiency tax credits, too. Check DSIRE Home.
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Originally Posted by xiphias
Technology to the rescue.
OP, if you can add the 'technology,' as xiphias says, do it! I just got a tekmar 260 installed and love it. Saves you money and makes you feel warmer...guaranteed. On warmer days your water is only about 130 and still takes the chill off. On cold days like today it's about 160-170ish

My house has a much warmer 66/67 degree feel than my old house did at the same temperature. As goofy as it sounds it's true. Temp should be temp but it's not.

My gf noticed the difference when she came over one time shortly after install and said you didnt have to turn up the heat for me. I said no i didnt, it's as low as it's always been!

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