Boiler needs to be restarted

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Boiler needs to be restarted

I have been experiencing problems with my New Yorker boiler with a beckett burner. It needs to be restarted once it goes below the low temperature set point. I have cleaned the entire boiler, replaced oil filter, nozzle, Cad cell,and transformer, I even went ahead and replace the electrodes. I have a honeywell intermitten ignition oil primary model # R8184G4009. Once the water temperature goes below 160 it stops. For me to start it up I hit the reset on the ignition, if it does not start I top the transformer and the boiler turns on. It will remain on until it reaches the 180 temperature that I set it to. Once again when it reaches the low setting of 160 it does not restart on it own. Please help. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you
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Sounds like a loose wiring connection. With the power off, check all the terminals and wire nuts at the aquastat, ignition safety, any other controls.
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When you have to reset it is the red light on the 8184G glowing? If the burner does not start, does the motor run & can you hear anything from the burner (specifically the buzzing sound of the electrodes arcing)? If you can hear the arcing but the burner motor doesn't run I suspect either a wiring problem or a burner motor going bad.
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burner issue

Two questions.....did you just replace the cad cell eye or the primary control? and is the burner always off on safety when you go to restart?
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Im curious about the bit where he says he resets it, but if it doesnt come on, he taps (well, he put "top".. Im assuming tap) the transformer and then it starts.

I had a transformer once that would cool down and go open circuit inside somewhere.. you could put a trouble light near it and then it would be fine (dont ask me how long and how much $ it took to find that one

But. he said he changed the transformer.. does an ignition transformer need a ground path to operate ? Nearly broken connector on a wire near it ?

I guess it depends on how hard of a "tap" we're talking about ?

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