Taco 007-F3 Circulator will not run

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Taco 007-F3 Circulator will not run

I have a 2 year old Honeywell R8182D Aquastat that seems to be functioning fine. Low is set to 160 and high is set to 180. Current temp is 180 and psi is at 20. My house is very cold = 46 degrees right now.

SMall house 1000 sq ft and only one zone with base board heating that wont kick on.

THe aquastat seems to be emmitting a buzzing noise that goes away when I turn power off. If I turn power back on the buzz comes back. The buzz is also directly related to the thermostat. If I dial the temp on the thermostat for the house down to 45 degrees, the buzz goes away.

Lastly, if I crank the max temp up to 200 the boiler turns on.

Seems like a bad circulator? Are those expensive to have fixed?
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Originally Posted by Meatball
Seems like a bad circulator? Are those expensive to have fixed?
With a voltmeter, see if you're getting 120V to the terminals of the circulator. If you are getting 120V, and the pump isn't running, then there is a problem with the pump. Replace it.

If you are not getting 120V to the pump, then there is a problem with the controls, possibly the aquastat. If you have a multimeter, and know how to use it, you can troubleshoot to find the problem.

Cost? A replacement pump should be around $100, plus labor, I think. You can Google to find out.

Does your system have a "flo-control" valve? If so, you can crank open the valve and get some gravity flow until the problem is solved. Pictures would help.
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Meatball, check first that you don't just have airlock in the circulator. I have Taco circulators on my system, and a while back I was getting no heat, the circulator had 120 volts so I figured it was locked up. I bought a new one locally for about $100 including gaskets. Changing it wasn't hard, there are valves on either side so the only water spilled was from the circulator and about a foot of pipe. The flanges are flat but the old gaskets were totally glued in place and it took a while to pry them loose and clean up the flanges. Then the new circulator did not circulate either! I then noticed that there is a hose **** just above the circulator so I opened that and air came out, then water. Immediately the heating water began to flow! I had had some work done on the system a few weeks before and evidently the air that got in then had collected in that circulator.

So I am now out $100 but have a spare circulator and some experience.

Good luck

PS: The buzzing noise is probably the relay in the aquastat, this is common and OK. Rap on the side of the aquastat with a screwdriver handle and it will probably stop buzzing.

I see you are in VT also, maybe you are close enough to get my old Taco. I would have to verify that it really is OK.
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The 180-160 settings are a little close, could cause short cycling. Try lowering the lo limit setting to 140*, and then see if your domestic hw is ok with that setting.
Also, check for bleed valves on your convectors or radiators, on the baseboard convectors, they're on the elbows at one end of the baseboard. Some open with a square key, some with a straight screwdriver, some with a small adjustable wrench.
You may have to purge the system.
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