Solo 60 and Indirect Water Heater


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Solo 60 and Indirect Water Heater

New construction with heatloss calculations of 39000 BTU. Looking at a Triangle Tube Prestige Solo 60 with a Smart Series 30 or 40 indirect water heater. Will the Solo 60 have enough output (54000 BTU) to heat the house and the hot water heater or should I get the Solo 110 (87000 BTU)?
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Ask your tech or dealer if That boiler has domestic hw priority. Many of the best do or can be done aftermarket. If so, the smaller boiler would be more effecient. I would go for the larger indirect for more head start rather than the bigger boiler.
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Sounds awesome. Just do it. The Smart 30 is probably the way to go, with as Bilbo mentioned, using domestic priority in the boiler's MCBA control.

Run the tank at 140F and mix down to ~115F using an anti-scald tempering valve. Taco, Honeywell/Sparco, etc. This will give you a bit of extra effective capacity without having to upsize the tank, plus take care of bacteria, e.g., Legionella.

FWIW, if I had to replace my system tomorrow, the Solo 60 and the Smart 30 are what I would use. Good choices. Make sure the installer follows the directions for venting, piping, etc.
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The Solo 60 is a great boiler, I might be inclined to use a smart 40 just for a little more dump load. The 60 will not produce a ton of GPM on the domestic side, hence why I suggest a bit more storage (tank loss is about 1/2" F per hour).

Alternatively, you may look at the prestige excellence. Its a Solo 110 and a small indirect in one nice box. Same concept as an on demand, but gives a bit of storage, and allows for DHW recir lines.

I don't think you can go wrong with a Solo boiler, very solid product. I have installed many, with little to no service call backs.
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Triangle Tube

There're all right You cant go wrong with Triangle Tube products. They just don't break down. As far a the smart tank... if you have kids or anticipate a lot of company, you might want to bump up to the Smart 40, just so you have that little extra storage. If it's just you and your partner, the Smart 30 should be adequate. Like TOHeating said "The 60 will not produce a ton of GPM on the domestic side." But you also don't want to oversize the boiler to the point of short cycling.
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I'd actually use a Smart 50 and widen the differential. The smaller the tank and more frequent the DHW cycles, especially in the non-heating months, the more often you are stranding over 2.5 gallons of hot water in the HX.
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