4 yr old burnham boiler


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Question 4 yr old burnham boiler


General question about my boiler, I was checking out the temp guage and notice that it usually reads between 170 - 190, the boiler turns on once it hits below 170 and shuts off when it reaches 190. Is this normal temp settings or is it set too hight? FYI - This is a hot water baseboard system.

Thanks - Great site!!!
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Well, it's not really abnomal. These temperatures are controlled by an aquastat, that is likely adjustable.

The lower the water temp, the more efficient the boiler operation. But the return water temp needs to be safely above about 130+ deg to prevent condensation. And the supply temp needs to be warm enough to heat the house.
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Well thee reason I was asking was because I was not getting enough heat so I raised the setting on the boiler by about 20 degrees to around 190 and wanted to make sure that I didn't set it too high.


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