"Long" wait for hot water?


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"Long" wait for hot water?

Just had a new NG cast iron boiler installed with an indirect fired hot water heater. This replaced a boiler with it's own coil, and no separate water heater. When I turn on the hot water in my upstairs kitchen, it takes a good 40-45 seconds to get up to temperatures. All bathroom faucets and showers take about 25 seconds. Is this a normal amount of time? If not, what could be the issue? The reason I ask is that with the old boiler, it seemed like the water would get up to temp in about 5 seconds!
It may sound petty, but think about a website loading. 5 seconds vs 25 or 45 is a big difference.
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A common way to reduce wait time is to arrange for circulation of the hot water. Grundfos makes a pump and clamp-on aquastat for this. You'd need a return line or use a cold line for return. Either way, that will increase stand-by energy losses.

Possibly in your previous boiler and plumbing connection, there was some natural circulation that has somehow been reduced? Just a theory.

Simplest way is to try to get used to the wait-time.

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