Boiler Piping...


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Boiler Piping...

ok, so here I am... got to replace my boiler and have 3 questions about the piping.

1. I'm installing 3 zone circulators and the plumbing supplier provided an additional circulator for the return. Is this 4th pump needed? 2 heating zones, one each floor, 1,100 Sq. ft., per. floor and the 3rd zone (new) for indirect tank for domestic hot water. Will the regular circulator pump on the return cause problems with pressure or cycling the water too fast thru the system?

2. Placement of the cold water feed to the boiler. I have found schematics showing both ways with the pressure reg./fill and isolation valve set up going to the air separator/expansion tank location on supply side and also showing another schematic indicating the return line/side of boiler. Is there a difference? Most I have seen are on supply side, but it makes sense somewhat to me to bring cold water to the return side. Anyway, not sure, so I'm asking

3. My current set up does not have it piped like this but it's all coming out and being piped new, but all the schematics I have found show a Thermatic regulation(?) by connecting the supply and return loops together not spaced more than 12" apart? I don't know what this is and is it necessary? Do you put a valve in between to isolate the sides? In other words, the piping schematic shows basically an entire loop in the heat piping with a T to supply side and a T to return side of the boiler? Does the water find its own way? Is it for mixing? lol, I have no idea but it doesn't make sense to me to have it looped.

Thank you in advance for your input!
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What make/model boiler?

Depending on which boiler, it may or may not require primary/secondary piping that would necessitate a separate pump on the primary (boiler) loop.
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Peerless WBV-04 101/130/155 MBH, replacing an old Arcoleader 129 MBH Boiler.

I decided to put in the circulator pumps (3) Grundfos 1/25 HP on primary/supply zones because I was told it is best way to do it, lol.

thank you for any/all information.

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