Gas boiler tune, new install

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Gas boiler tune, new install

Well I got my new boiler in, Burnham SCG-7, all is running great. It will be a month untill a professional can get here to tune it. I can't shut the boiler down for a month, it's -20 here. What is involved in tuning a new gas boiler? All I have seen in the book is adjusting the gas input rate.

Adjust gas input rate to boiler.
1. Adjust thermostat to highest setting.
2. Check manifold gas pressure. See Table 5 or rating
label located in the boiler’s vestibule compartment.
Adjust gas valve pressure regulator as necessary
(turn adjustment screw counterclockwise to
decrease manifold pressure, or clockwise to increase
manifold pressure). If pressure cannot be attained,
check gas valve inlet pressure. If less than minimum
indicated in Table 5 or boiler’s rating label, contact
gas supplier for assistance.
3. Clock gas meter for at least 30 seconds. Use Table
13 to determine gas flow rate in Cubic Feet per
Failure to properly adjust gas input rate will result
in over firing or under firing of the appliance.
Improper and unsafe boiler operation may result.
4. Determine Input Rate. Multiply gas flow rate by gas
heating value.
5. Compare measured input rate to input rate stated on
rating plate.
a. Boiler must not be over fired. Reduce input rate
by decreasing manifold pressure. Do not reduce
more than 0.3 inch w.c. If boiler is still overfired,
contact your Burnham distributor or Regional
Office for replacement Gas Orifice.
b. Increase input rate if less than 98% of rating
plate input. Increase manifold gas pressure no
more than 0.3 inch w.c. If measured input rate is
still less than 98% of rated input:
i. Remove Main Burners per procedure in
Section IX: Service.
ii. Remove gas orifices. Drill one (1) drill size
larger (drill size is stamped on orifice, or see
Section X: Repair Parts).
iii. Reinstall gas orifices and main burners.
Measure input rate.
6. Recheck Main Burner Flame.
7. Return other gas-fired appliances to previous
conditions of use.
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It is very close from the factory and should be OK until the guy comes back. You can clock the meter. Pick a scale on the meter and time it for one revolution and use the chart in the manual. The directions are there.
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Well the guy came and checked it out. Took gas pressure, but never clocked the meter. I had clocked the meter and it was spot on for that the boiler wanted. He inspected the install and said it all looked good. On the invoice he stated that it was all installed to manufactures specifications and to code. That should help if I have any problems in the future that warranty may cover.

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Excellent. Nice job.

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