Boiler heats water for radiators and domestic hot water

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Boiler heats water for radiators and domestic hot water

The water comes in from the well into a WellXtrol model WX250. Then it goes either into the cold water pipes or to the boiler the boiler has two Zone valves but I don't understand what makes one of the zone valves open or close. It seems that my boiler is always running even when hot water isn't being called for.

The first zone valve is wired to the Amtrol 2704-131 which is set at 100 degrees. The second zone valve doesn't seem to be wired to any kind of temperature control and is connected to the same wires as the first zone valve minus the Amtrol Aquastat.

The second zone valve is connected to the radiant heating side of the boiler but there isn't a thermastat just the individual thermastats on each of the radiators.
Do I need to put a central thermastate in for the radiatant heating system. It is set up with each radiator having its own hot water supply and return. With all 8 of the radiators coming from one main manifold.

The second part of my question is the water pressure for the hot and cold water seems to be so low in the kitchen and upstairs bathroom they are the last two tees off of one main 3/4inch cooper run. I have drained each the Amtrol WH7l 41 gallon holding tank and the WellXtrol WX250 to remove as much debri as I could but it did not seem to help. Just seemed to make it worst in some areas. Is there a way for me to increase the pressure in the WellXtrol even though the pressure is preset at the factory to 125PSI max working pressure?

Thanks for any help I am sorry if i have posted this in the wrong area....
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Hi Pack, welcome to the forum... I moved your post from the end of the thread it was on, into it's own thread. In general, if you are asking new questions, it best to start a new topic, rather than to reply to an old one that might not be specific to your problem...

I'm sorry that I'm not understanding very much of your questions... can you tell us what make/model boiler you have? What make/model are the zone valves? What is an Amtrol 2704-131 aquastat?

The second part of your question seems to be dealing with your domestic water system, and while I know a bit about that, this isn't the correct forum for questions about a well system... but we'll try to help, it may mean moving to a different forum for that part...

You mentioned a WH7 41 as being a 'holding tank'... that sounds more like a water heater designation to me.

Tell us about the boiler system first though...

I believe that in this case it will help greatly if you can take clear, in focus pictures of the system. You need to set up a free account at Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket and upload the pictures there. Then come back here and post a LINK to the picture album so we can view them. Make sure to take some of the pictures from a distance back so we can see the whole system.

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