? about steam/hot water hybrid systems


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? about steam/hot water hybrid systems

First time caller and love this site already.

Not much you can fool me on with hot air heat but that is easy.

My daughter just bought a house originally with steam heat and the addition has a hot water baseboard leg.

The boiler is a new GSA and it provides both the steam and hot water for the baseboard system.

I have been studying the ins and outs both steam and hot water systems but couldn't find much information about a hybrid system like this one (I don't even know the poper name for the mix and match set up),

What I have not been able to catch up to now is the following.

I know steam likes a pressure of between 1/2 and 2 pounds and hot water comes in at around 15 pounds.

How is this pressure differential separated in the boiler. I can only think that the return for the hot water goes directly into the liquid portion of the boiler at about the same 15 pounds and I have not been able to FIGYA how the pressure between the steam and hot water remains independent?

Anything else that is unique to this type of system that I should know about would be helpful also.

Thanks in advance for any help provided.
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Check out Steam / Baseboard / Indirect

Go into the tech menu. They have a lot of good information on both hot water and steam systems. They briefly describe how to set up a steam system that has hot water baseboard and an indirect water heater. It may answer some of your questions.

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