Help needed adjusting TT Prestige Solo 110

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Help needed adjusting TT Prestige Solo 110

My system was installed by a qualified technician two years ago, and this is the first year of my being in the house. The installing tech did adjust the boiler last year, but as our temps are dipping into the teens right now I'm finding the boiler is running 24/7 and still not bringing the temps up to thermostat set points. He is no longer in business so is unavailable to assist.

The home is 4200sf and running 5 zones. There is an outdoor sensor and the parameters read 1-140, 2- 01, 3- 01, 4-126. Currently the boiler is running with a 3-108 displaying and thermostats are set at 63-68 with actual temps running at 59-64. Do I need to raise my parameter 4 up to 140ish?

Thanks for your help, Chris
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Something is wrong if you can't heat your house, It could be supply temps, or could be circulation (or lack of) problems, or something I havent thought of.

Param "1=140" is your DHW setting, doesent have anything to do with heating the house.

You can print off the "Installation & Maintenance Manual" for reference, and starting on page 50 has documentation on how to setup the Outdoor Reset, and what Param does what.

Param "4 = 126" is max heating water temps.
What types of radiators are you using? 126* is probably ok for in-floor, but may not be hot enough to replace the heat that is being lost if you are using baseboard or some other high temp emiter.

Param 11 should be set at the coldest temprature on the coldest day for your area. what is it set at?

Param 19 Boost feature can be activated to raise supply water temps after a set ammount of time the T-stats are calling for heat, nice feature to have turned on to keep supply temps down to economize, but raise them when you need additional heat.

Pictures of your boiler setup are helpfull for those in the know to spot trouble.

There are several threads lately dealing with setting up TT's, for reference.
Search: "Triangle Tube- long warm up time?", & "Advice for dialing in TT Prestige Solo"

Good luck:


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Good answer Tim!

On the boost function, don't set it so short that it boosts every heat call. You want it long enough so it only boosts when absolutely needed.
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Thanks for the response and input. I have some pictures of the boiler and setup here: Flickr: Mojo Bubba's Photostream

The pumps supply 3/4" pex to the zone manifolds. All loops from the manifolds are 1/2" pex run through the TGI's approximately 1 1/2" below the subfloor spaced about a foot apart. I used Ultrafins on the pex to assist in the radiating of heat. A reflective foil insulation was stapled about an inch below that with R-30(I believe) under that. The only exception is the 5th zone that you can see in the bottom right of pictures 56 and 57. That goes into the garage slab and is not being used at this time. (Yes, I would like a do-over and pour the pex in slabs) About half of the floors are tile and hardwood, and half carpet. Feeling the tile, I'm not feeling it very warm to the touch.

I changed the param 4 from the 126 to 150 and the boiler is now running at 3-128. The thermometers at the zone pumps read 122* and are returning at 118* (except the great room which is returning at 110*). I don't have flow meters or indicators on the manifolds, but I can feel the pex on the return side of the loops and they all feel like the 120*.

I haven't combed through the manual yet, but I'm not sure how to access the param 11 or 19. I am only able to access param 1-4 and then it jumps back to 1 again.
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150 is not bad for that kind of set up.
You may want to raise the lower water temp as discussed as the pex will not emit much heat into the room much under 110.

You should have lots of flow with those low delta t's, which is a good thing. Lots of pumps = lots of electricity used on design days. Would have preferred a single pump and zone valves myself.

Someone put a lot of time and care into that mechanical room, looks very nice and clean.
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Originally Posted by Mojobubba View Post
I haven't combed through the manual yet, but I'm not sure how to access the param 11 or 19. I am only able to access param 1-4 and then it jumps back to 1 again.
You need to enter the secret access code to get into the "advanced" parameters. (Hint: It's 54).

With the unit in normal operating mode (aka standby), press and hold the Mode and Step buttons together for 2-3 secs until the display changes to "CODE"

Press Step. The display shows a random number, "C_##"

Press + or - button to change the number to "C_54".

Press Store. (It blinks).

Now press the Mode button until you get back to PARA. You can Step through all the parameters now, not just 1-4. Pause when you reach the parameter number (i.e. "P_10") and the display with change within a second to show the value.

The code clears itself after the unit returns to normal operation so you'll need to re-enter it again next time.

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