I've got no pilot light,no heat. HELP!!

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I've got no pilot light,no heat. HELP!!

Ive got a Teledyne Laars Induced Draft mini therm JVi
the problem I'm having is the automatic pilot light does not light. it doesn't even try (tick, tick,tick).
I ran out of propane a few days ago and after I got it refilled I noticed that it was getting pretty cold. My hot water heater is still heating but I cant get the boiler to fire up.
When you call for heat from any given t-stat the exhaust fan kicks on but the pilot/ burners wont light.
Is there a common problem that occurs when the gas is turned off but the boiler is still calling for heat? I live about an hour from town so it is hard to go back and forth. I took the gas valve and igniter off so I could have something to match parts but I am still unsure of what my problem is.

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Have you tried cycling the power to the boiler? Wondering if there is a 'lockout' that's been engaged?

The only thing I can think that might have happened is if you have a 'continuous retry' pilot module, and when you ran out of gas it sat there and tried and tried and tried until it got really tired and took a loooonnnngggg winter's nap.

Do you have the manual for your boiler?


and note this:

Flow Switch: If the system includes a flow
switch, it should be wired in series with the high-limit
switch. The boiler will not fire unless the pump is
running and the flow switch is closed.
Reading through the manual, it seems that your boiler has a 'hot surface ignitor', so I don't think you should be expecting the tick-tick-tick of a spark ignitor?

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