selecting indirect water heater

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selecting indirect water heater

I moved into a new house with a tankless coil in the boiler to provide DHW and its not working too well. The boiler looks like it is 20+ years old but it still seems to be working well (other than the tankless coil). The rating written on the boiler is 173,000 BTUh. After talking to oil company and doing my own research, I've decided to put in an indirect.

My oil company wants to install a Crown Mega-Stor MS-40 (39 gallon capacity). When I asked if I should get something bigger just in case, they have assured me that I don't need anything bigger unless I have a jacuzzi tub or something else requiring huge amounts of hot water. Since the first hour rating on the MS-40 is 172 gallons (with 90deg rise), I tend to believe him. I can't image using more than that in an hour considering that my showers seem to be limited to roughly 2gpm. Even if took an 1hr long shower that would only use 120 gallons.

Should I have them step me up to the MS-53 just in case? I have a 4 bed/2.5 bath house (1 bath with tub/shower and the other with a shower stall).

I also spoke to my plumber, and he suggested a 45 gallon Superstor Ultra. This model looks like it has more capacity, lower standby heat loss, and has a similar price to the Crown indirect. I probably won't go with the plumber though because his quote is much higher, partly because needs to sub-contract the electric work.

Googling around on the web, it seems that most oil providers push Crown indirects.

Is there any particular reason why oil providers seem to favor Crown indrects, or is my perception incorrect? Soley based on performance specifications, it seems that some other manufacturers deliver more bang for the buck.

My oil provider did say that they install other brands as well, but he really didn't give a good explanation for favoring Crown other than "they are local (i.e. northeast) and stand by their product".
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I have a Burnham 35 gallon indirect. I haven't had it very long to say how good the tank is itself, but I have no complaints at this moment. With just the shower running I could go all day and not run out of hot water and my boiler is only 105k BTU compared to your 173k.
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My plumber suggested a SuperStor. I'd never heard of indirect water heaters before, and research showed they looked like a good idea. I decided on the Ultra (45 gal) and it's really great. It was installed 3-4 years ago. Also, I think it comes with a good warranty (lifetime against leaks). Who knows, maybe they all do.
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I installed a 40 gal. Amtrol boilermate in my house in 1984 and it is still going strong. Had 5 people in the house and a great deal of hot water use and never ran out. It comes with a lifetime warrenty.
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The Burnham Alliance is a stone lined tank which many complain about as it is heavier. The positive sides are the stone lining is impervious to any water conditions, no anode rods, plenty of hot water compared to other with smaller boilers. The interesting thing about this tank is the metal tank is protected by inert water.
I have used many Superstor's in the past with virtually "0" problems.

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