Baseboard Heater covers


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Baseboard Heater covers

I have slant fin type baseboard heat in my house. I thought that I would clean the fins this year to get better heat transfer out of them. First thing I noticed is that the rooms that had carpet in them had the carpet rolling up the wall right against the fins. Some actually folded under the fins blocking up to 50% of the surface area. So I got out the trusty old razor knife, cut the carpet back and tucked it under the baseboard and vacuumed away. What a difference in air flow! Without this forum I never would have caught this.....

But while looking into replacing some of the rattier looking covers I came across these Baseboard Heater Covers - The Easiest Way To Renovate Baseboard Heaters. Anyone have thoughts on these covers? Will they allow better heat transfer or will they disturb the proper airflow?
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I dunno... I'm willing to bet that if you measured the percentage of 'open area' on that perforated sheet metal you would find possibly less than 50% ... looking at them, I feel that they would cut down the air flow... but that's without ANY data (none is offered on the website that I could find either) only a quick look at the pictures on the website.

It sure is a clean look though, isn't it?

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