Noisy Carlin EZ-1

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Noisy Carlin EZ-1

I have a Carlin EZ-1 oil burner on a Buderus G-28 that is about 8 years old now. I just had it cleaned and serviced about 2 months ago. It ran fine until last week I noticed that it sounded to be running very rough. I went to look and could see that keep locking out and retrying to fire. I called the oil company back out to recheck it. They rechecked the nozzle, strainer, etc and retried but it was still doing the same thing. He then removed the blower assembly and noticed one end of the coupling between the blower shaft and the fuel pump shaft was a bit worn.
He replaced that and it fired back up as normal, but now it sounds much louder in operation. After my wife complained about the new louder than normal sound, I removed the blower myself to see if anything had changed. I made sure that the blower spun freely which it did and then I tried the fuel pump shaft to see how that turned. The shaft will turn, but seems to have quite a bit of resistance.
My question is, is there that much resistance due to the fuel oil that is in the pump or how easily the shaft should turn by hand. All I know is that it is making more noise during operation than it did previously. I can hear it running two levels up with insulation between each floor. I have always thought it was noisy in operation anyways, but this is not normal. It does have the outside air coming into the airbox assembly on the side of the burner and I am trying to find out if there is a burner box to insulate some of the noise also. It seems like it has to be either the fuel pump or the coupling that he replaced as it is running smoothly again. I did notice in the Carlin brochure that it appears there are two different lenght couplings which I suppose could make a difference in the sound.
Any advise would be appreciated.
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You should be able to fit a burner cover:

Carlin Combustion Technology, Inc. - EZ Burner

If the installer used a 'universal' coupling, he may not have cut it to the correct length... I don't know that this would contribute to the noise though, but if it's too long it will ultimately wear the bearings in the pump and or motor. The length of the coupling is fairly critical...

(this sure looks like the same answer you got over on that other forum, eh?)

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Is this a combustion noise or mechanical noise? If it is a combustion noise I would get them to retest the burner set-up. If that coupling was slipping a bit at the time of service it now could have too much air on the flame which would make it louder.
Secondly, if it is a mechanical noise the coupling could be a bit too long and causing the motor to make more noise.
The pump shaft does have some resistance to turning the shaft by hand.

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