replacing home radiators help


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replacing home radiators help


i'm looking to replace my old cast iron water radiators with something more modern. I've researched and found several options. From slant fin baseboards, runtal radiators, and also a radiator i don't know much about on amazon. I have a two story home, about 2500 sqft. I don't know the current btu of my radiators. but i have a large cast iron in about every room.

Baseboard Heaters - Baseboard Heating - SlantFin Baseboard Heaters - Idmar Catalonia European Hydronic Aluminium Radiator: Home Improvement

What would you suggest?

Thanks in advance,
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Baseboard convectors heat in an entirely different way than do radiators. They heat the AIR as it passes through (from bottom to top) the fins on the copper tube enclosed inside the sheet metal casing. The air flow is barely perceptible but it IS there. Because it heats the air object (furniture and people) are more likely to feel colder at any given thermostat setting. There is also more heatloss if your house has moderate to poor air sealing.

Radiators do not directly heat the air but instead use the same principle of the sun and directly heat objects in a straight line view of the radiator. These objects in turn will slowly heat the air. Generally speaking people feel warmer in homes heated by radiant means with any specific thermostat setting. This means that with radiant heat it is often possible to use a lower thermostat setting than in convection heated homes.

If you are comfortable now you quite possibly will feel cold if you convert to baseboard convectors. I do understand your desire to change from your current radiators because I personally think that cast-iron radiators are extremely ugly but they often do a better job of heating and at a lower fuel usage than will baseboard convectors. This is especially true in older houses which tend to have poor air sealing and are naturally drafty.

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