gasification vs non gasification wood boiler in the city

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gasification vs non gasification wood boiler in the city

since i live in the city should i go with a gasification boiler or just a regular wood boiler that will get smoky at times like a wood stove does? i just dont want the fire department showing up wandering whats going on or neibors complaining. a regular wood boiler would save me like 3 grand like the harman trident but the empire elite indoor wood gasification one is over 6 grand. and if i go with the more pricy one i can ad a wood pellet burner but i would like more info on the practicality of heating with wood pellets in the city to save money on electric heating and i dont want gas or else i cant complain of the environmental damages from the fracking of natural gas.
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First thing to do is check with your municipal government, building department etc.
Find out if its even allowed where you live, some place it's not.
Being an indoor ? unit not sure they can say no.

With the wood gasification boiler you will at least have a more efficient and cleaner burn, that may be worth the extra 3 grand.
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My sister-in-law has a wood pellet insert in their fireplace and it throws off a ton of heat. Not sure what your concerns are about it. I think the advantage regular wood has over pellets is that you can usually get free wood to burn if you are willing to invest the time in getting it.

You may want to bring your question to the firplace forum as well.
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spend the money if you have it.

I have two neighbors both using the old style out door boilers, and when the [ one across the street that I can see] kicks on the smoke is a bit much. When we have a south wind and both are just stoked in the am, the whole valley fills up with smoke, which is ok out here 20 mi from town, but you wouldn't want it in town.
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The few outdoor smokers I know of around here are not well received by their neighbors, and we are a rural community. But at just the wrong conditions, they can be a pain. For efficiency and neighborhood relations, I would invest in the best. We had one town north of me that had so many complaints they changed the rules which put a lot of pressure on the smokers.

Think of it this way, if everyone in your community were to switch to wood, would anyone be able to breathe?

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There are a few smokers on my quiet little rural road also, and I gotta tell ya that I get pretty pi55ed off at times myself.

I kinda like the occasional smell of hickory fires when the cool fall nights make the woodsmoke rise, but when a cloud of raunchy old wet honey locust smoke comes drifting all round the house... sometimes it smells like burning diapers with skunk poop in them... NASTY!

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