3-way thermic mixing valves


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3-way thermic mixing valves

A 3-way thermic mixing valve takes two inputs, the inputs being usually at different temperatures, and the valve's output is a temperature-regulated mixture of the two flows.

My question concerns whether it is possible to push water into the output port of the valve, so that it exits one or both of the input ports. Do you need to use a flow-chek to prevent that from happening, or do the valves themselves usually have one-way flow already integrated?
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are you asking because you are worried about the flow backing out?? or are you trying to use a 3 way mix to go two seperate ways??
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If you are talking about the ESBE thermic style valves, they don't actually 'regulate' anything. The element inside of them is basically the same type that you would find in an automobile. It will open at some temperature and as long as the heat source remains, it will stay open.

Or are you talking about the three port mixing/tempering valves?

Or this?
Taco-Hvac: 5000 Series Mixing Valve

Specifics please, they are two completely different aminals.

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