Baseboard heating in condo won't turn off!


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Baseboard heating in condo won't turn off!

Hello heating experts,

I'm having a problem with the heating system in the condo I own and occupy. I would love to get some advice on how to proceed to fix this problem. Here are some details:

1. I live in a 1-bedroom garden-level condo built in 1981. A common boiler provides hot water to baseboards in the 8 condo units in the building.

2. In my condo, there is one faucet-style valve on the baseboard near the entrance on the condo and one faucet-style valve on the baseboard in the bathroom.

3. I have one Lux 1000 programmable thermostat with 2 AA batteries installed on the wall in the kitchen. I see two wires (one red and one olive green) coming from the wall to the box.

4. If I leave the thermostat set to "HEAT" but set the temperature (way) below the room temperature, the heat comes on and stays on.

5. If I turn the thermostat to "OFF" and manually close the valve on the baseboard by the front door, the heat stops.

6. If I let the baseboards cool and manually open the valve leaving the thermostat "OFF", there is no heat.

7. As soon as I turn the thermostat switch from "OFF" to "HEAT", even if the thermostat temperature is set 10-20 degrees below the room temperature, the heat comes on and stays on until I repeat step 5.

8. I hear the thermostat click whenever I turn it on or off or if the temperature setting goes above or below the room temperature value.

9. I've lived in the condo since Sep 2004 and haven't had a problem with the heating system until this problem started a couple of days ago.

Thank you in advance for any advice!
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I think its the t stat that is shot or wired incorrectly.

If you disconnect the two wires from the t stat touch them toghther. Does yor heat work? Disconnect the wires, does the heat go off? If so get a new t stat.

Also was that t sat always there? If its new possibly its possibly wired incorrectly.

Mike NJ
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See the thread " CONFUSED " ... I wonder if you are faced with the same issue? A reverse acting thermostat. In this case the thermostat was listed as a COOLING thermostat and the contacts CLOSED on temperature rise.

What happens when you turn the thermostat all the way UP ? Heat goes off ?

What was the make/model of the thermostat which you replaced? or maybe I'M confused? and you have always had that thermostat? (what Mike asked)
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Thank you for the replies. The t-stat had been functioning properly for several years up until last week. There have been no wiring changes.

I pulled the t-stat and the resistance checked good (short when switched on, open when off). I checked the batteries, blew the dust off, cleaned the terminals, and pushed the "HW RESET" button. Then I re-programmed the t-stat.

Then I shorted the two wires from the wall a few times and noticed the heat would turn on when they were shorted and turned off when they were separated.

I put the t-stat back together and the system tested good. I guess something was stuck having sit all summer without turning on? I don't know for sure but things seem to work OK now.

Many thanks again for the replies!

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