Food for thought


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Food for thought

Here are a few things to think about.
1. 2012 compliance
Manufacturers are striving to meet the new upcoming codes which affect boiler manufacturers Sept 1 of 2012.
These are as follows;
a. Every boiler will require some type of boiler reset be it ODR or high limit reset with logic.
b. No more standing pilot burners
c. Circulator will have to come on first before the boiler fires. This means that they will choose a temp and if the boiler water is already above that temp the circulator will start but the boiler will not fire until the water temp drops below that temp unless it is a demand for DHW.
2. With ODR we should give more consideration to better air elimination. As we drop water temperature it is harder to eliminate the air through standard air elimination. As you heat the water you drive the oxygen out. The hotter the water the easier to get rid of the air. As we drop the water temperature we drive out less air so we will need to depend on some type of micro-bubbler's.
3. Again the government strives to cut demand on fossil fuels which is a good thing, But, as usual they miss the most important factor........proper boiler sizing!
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Well, it's a start. On #3, perhaps the appropriate analogy is automobile mileage standards. The federal government can specify a standard that vehicles need to meet, but they can't make you choose a particular car based on your commute.
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Boiler sizing this would save lots of oil ,i down sized my nozzle from 1.75 to 0.40 not easily done but possible .the building is 100 years old converted to 4 in attic no one cold the home is in Nova Scotia Canada boiler is controlled by a Tekmar 256 outdoor reset.
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Food for thougt

Proper sizing of heating systems is the key to saving fuel after insulation all systems must have out door reset with indoor control of target setting this compensates for wind chill.I down sized my oil boiler from a 1.75 nozzle to a 0.40 nozzle my home has 4 apt. one in attic all with baseboard the building is 100years old here in Amherst Nova Scotia .The N.Y. boiler is controlled by a Tekmar 256 and modulates, on cold days 22f boiler water is 120f used 1000gal U.S. 2009 2010 winter.

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