Relay tripping on/off rapidly RA832A


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Relay tripping on/off rapidly RA832A

My guess is I need to replace the Honeywell RA832A relay switch, but wanted to confirm some things and seek input in general.

My setup: Hot water boiler in 1964 house. No manifold at boiler -- heating is done in series with six thermostats set in various locations around the house. Boiler has constant pilot light. I'm fairly certain most other parts of boiler are working OK because most of it was repaired/replaced a year ago (gas company regulator failed, resulting in internal failures and repairs). All has been working normally until very recently.

To confirm, the RA832A relay switch controls on/off of (1) gas and (2) pump, correct?

In the past day or two, I have noticed the relay switch rapidly cycling on/off/on/off, usually two or three rapid, distinctive "clicks", before the gas comes on and the pump starts. Both gas and pump usually run for approximately 30 seconds, then it all stops. At other times, switch will turn on gas/pump and run normally for a bit.

Based on what I'm hearing/seeing, it appears the relay switch is failing, but I'm seeking validation of this line of thinking.

In the event it is the relay switch, are there strongly recommended alternatives to the Honeywell RA832A? Fairly straight forward replacement?

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The RA832A is a switching relay that is normally controlled by a thermostat. With several zones you might have several of these relays or you might have some other control scheme.

Most likely if the relay is chattering the problem is originating at the corresponding thermostat. Does the thermostat connected to this relay use batteries? If yes, have you tried changing them?

More information, including pictures, of your entire system would help.
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Thanks, I just spoke with a guy at work also who suggested much the same thing re: checking thermostats one by one, but no mention of battery. I guess that should be the first step. Thanks.

There is only the one relay switch for the entire system, and all thermostats call for heat through the one relay. The relay is located immediately next to the boiler, mounted on the wall.

My plan for tonight is to go through the house, turning all thermostats down, then doing call for heat from each thermostat until I can hopefully identify the problem (or dead battery).

Thanks again.
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Another possibility is a cruddy wiring connection somewhere... so carefully inspect all the connections before replacing the relay.

There are actually a number of different relays that will replace that one... but there's nothing wrong with using another the same. A relay is a relay... it turns things on, it turns them off.

Take a look at the R8845U ... might be able to save a few bucks.

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