Boiler Buddy Buffer Project


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E. which is D plus put it on the list for next 3-5 yr to cut out the affected sections and replace with copper, or do A.

B is too complicated and introduces a whole 'nother set of stuff that needs care and feeding.

C will just crud up the system with who knows what, plus probably a bunch of precipitates.

To sleep better, think about the truly miniscule area of the piping that has now (probably) been (partially) compromised, relative to the entire system.

Oxygen entry at your scale is NOTHING compared to the kinds of things that kill non-oxygen barrier PEX systems. The bad systems you read about have hundreds of square feet of freely-exchanging surface. You have maybe a few square inches. Chances are you could do nothing, forever, and not have a problem you'd notice. Entry around circulator gaskets is probably comparable. Fret not.
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Hello X,
Thanks for the support.
It will be pretty easay to replace the pex in the cellar.
After it leaves the cellar, that is a different story.
Hopefully most of the damage is in the cellar.
I'll worry about the rest on the 3-5 year plan.

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Well group,
Here's the, pretty near, final plan.
Maybe a few minor changes.
X and NJT, might not be too happy with the expenive controls and the latest complexities.
I know, yes, there are more failure points down the years and more costs now.
However, i'm happy with it and i think it will provide excellent comfort, even if there is a 20 year paybeck. If ever.
In any case, it wil be easy to change out the boiler, add a secondary heat souces, solar and or wood pellets, or some sort of heat pump, depending on what the future holds for energy costs.

Gonna' try and get some pics one of these days.
I'll keep posting updates as things get accomplished.

Thanks for all the help,

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